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Ira Seiedenstein Method
Shakespeare, Clown  BNE, SYD, MELB
Actors Centre
Scene study – Sydney NSW
Drama Studio
Commedia Dell Arte – Sydney NSW
Ira Seidenstein
Movement/Improvisation – Sydney NSW
Conservatory of Music
Voice Technique – Adelaide SA


All Together Now
Wayne Lovett (Cast 3 years 100 shows) Nine Network Director: Pino Amenta
Guest Role – Nine Network Director: Chris Langman
Rafferty’s Rules
Guest Role – Seven Network Director: Geoffrey Nottage
A Country Practice
Guest Role – Seven Network Director: Bob Meillon
Legacy of the Silver Shadow
Mr. Vesuvius – Ten Network Director: Pino Amenta
Special Squad
Guest Role – Nine Network Crawford Productions
Carsons Law
Guest Role – Nine Network Crawford Productions
The Fast Lane
Guest Role – ABC

Feature Film:

Love’s Brother
Paolo – Director: Jan Sardi
Sweet Talker
John Thomas – Director: Michael Jenkins
Ring of Scorpio
Bruno Torres – Director: Ian Barry
The Time Guardians
Dino Zees – Director: Brian Hannant
The Light Horseman
Abdul – Director: Simon Wincer

Short Film:

The Claw 2
Special Agent 199 – Director: Quentin Kenihan
The Big
Dino Valentino – Director: Leonie Dickinson


Shakespeare’s – Antony & Cleopatra
Director: Ira Seidenstein
In the Zone
Director: Bill Meehan
The Ghost of Jerry Bundler
Director: Bill Meehan
Six O’Clock Rock
Director: MaryAnne Carroll
Dino & Sandra
Director: Bruno Lucia


Fluent Italian
American (Gen Am), New York (Brooklyn), Cockney, Italian, French, German, Yugoslav, Russian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Irish, Scottish, Indian, varied animated voices
Musical skills
Guitar (professional musician 10 years), singing
Other skills
Slapstick comedy, Boxing, Circus skills (tumbling, juggling, mime)